Application for Guest Lecturer or Performer

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In special instances, the Center is able to provide support for guest lectures and performances. If the Center funds a proposal for a guest lecture or performance, the Center only provides the funding for the event. Logistical arrangements and preparations are the full responsibility of the person sponsoring the event. If the event sponsor would like to hold the event in the Greenleaf Conference Room, that sponsor should complete a separate application with the Stone Center Secretary for reserving the room and discuss any logistical details with Center personnel well in advance of the event.  Publicity for such Center-supported events must bear the Center logo and must receive the approval of the Center before distribution. If a student organization or group seeks support, a faculty sponsor must be listed on the completed application form.

Applications are due by September 1 for Fall Semester events and December 1 for Spring Semester events.

Applicants will be notified of a funding decision within 2 weeks of submitting the completed application.

Contact Information - First Name
Contact Information - Middle Initial
Contact Information - Last Name
Contact Information - Email Address
Contact Information - Phone Number
Contact Information - Address
Contact Information - City
Contact Information - State
Contact Information - Zip Code
Tulane University ID#
Name and Department of Faculty Sponsor (if applicant is a student), Please answer "NR" if not relevant.
Student Group or Departmental/Program Co-sponsors (if any). Please answer "NR" if not relevant.
Date of Application
Name of Lecturer/Performer
Title of Event
Event Description

Please provide a brief description of the event for which you are seeking funding, including the proposed date, time, and campus location of the lecture/performance/event.
Total Amount of Funding Requested from the Stone Center

Please round up to the nearest dollar and do not use the dollar sign ($) in your figure.
Details and Breakdown of Funding Request

Please provide itemized breakdowns of the total funding requested from the Stone Center. This is not a breakdown of the total funding sought from all other units, but just what you are seeking funding from the Stone Center to cover. Itemized categories could include: Airfare, Hotel, Meals, Local Transportation, Honorarium, etc. (Honorarium awards require the completion of a W-9 tax form by the guest lecturer or performer receiving the honorarium. If an honorarium request is funded, the person submitting the application must secure a completed and signed W-9 tax form from the individual receiving the honorarium and must submit that completed and signed W-9 tax form to the Stone Center before the honorarium can be processed.)
Confirmed Additional Sources of Funding

If relevant, please indicate the amount and source of any CONFIRMED additional funding received from other programs/departments/units in support of the proposed lecture/performance/event. Please provide itemized breakdowns of the additional confirmed funding received. If there are no confirmed additional sources of funding, please enter "NONE."
Pending Additional Sources of Funding

Please list the source and amounts of any pending requests for additional funding in support of this particular guest lecture/ performance/event. If there are no pending sources of funding, please enter "NONE."
Additional Information/Details

Please upload any additional information or details, such as a CV or a biographical statement, in a single .pdf file

Please use this space to include any other notes or comments that you would like to bring to the attention of the Stone Center regarding this activity or proposal.