Newcomb Fellows Application

A Newcomb Fellow must be a faculty member (full-time, visiting, administrative, post-doc or professor of practice) who supports undergraduates in achieving gender equity at Tulane University.

Core Newcomb Fellows engage in research and/or teaching in one of the following areas:
  • Gender
  • Women’s intersectional political leadership
  • Women and prison
  • Gender-based violence
  • Sexual and reproductive health (especially in Louisiana or Kenya)
  • Women’s literature (especially memoir)
  • Women and performance
  • Women and technology
  • Women and STEM
  • Women’s history (especially history of women/gender/feminism in the Gulf South)


Affiliate Newcomb Fellows are faculty members or administrators with a demonstrated interest in gender equity and/or a strong connection to and affiliation with the historic Newcomb College and the Newcomb Institute.
Please indicate which level best identifies you:
If you selected Core Newcomb Fellow, please indicate which areas you align with:

Please indicate which of the following you would be interested in and able to commit to doing in the coming academic year:

If you expressed an interest in serving on a Newcomb Institute committee, which committees would be of interest?