2020-2021 Digital Research Internship Program

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Information and Application

The Digital Research Internship program provides undergraduates with an opportunity to obtain a skillset and diverse portfolio in technology. Undergraduates, working on a Scrum team, receive tangible experience in technology and feminist leadership while working on the digital projects of Tulane faculty in the humanities and sciences. This paid internship supplements students’ majors and minors when seeking employment or prestigious technology internships.  

Eligibility: Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

Responsibilities: Within the 2020-2021 school year, Interns will be expected to:

  • Work six hours each week in the Digital Research Lab. You will be expected to attend a weekly scrum meeting at the Digital Research lab. You continued place on the team is contingent on being able to fit this meeting into your class and work schedule.  
  • Actively work with your team to meet weekly objectives.
  • Keep a work-log outlining how you met that month’s objectives. 
  • Actively communicate and seek help when needed. Ask questions and be willing to conduct research to solve your own problems. 
  • Publish work in a digital flipbook. If asked, present your work at an NCI event or social media takeover at the end of your grant period.

Positions Open

Technology Intern (6 positions available): Works on a Scrum team with other undergraduates. Each week, interns divide up and work on tasks assigned from the project plans of seven faculty members. Reports each week on their progress. Meets weekly in a scrum meeting and works independently in the lab. Examples of work may include coding, digital archiving, website design and development, databases, design thinking, digital design, UX/UI, and audiovisual editing. All skill levels are welcome to apply as long as you have an interest in technology, working on a SCRUM team, and a willingness to learn with a group and independently. 

Product Developer Intern (1 position available): Communicates and meets weekly with seven clients (faculty) on their project's progress. Acts as the voice of the client (faculty member) during the weekly Scrum meeting. Meets with the Scrum Facilitator weekly to plan sprints. Organizes product backlog and Trello sprint logs for scrum meeting. The intern should have strong organization, communication, and computing skills.

Award: Students will receive a(n):

  • $10.00/hr.
  • Opportunity to receive a letter of recommendation / professional reference from the Manager of Technology Initiatives.'
  • Opportunity to build a diverse portfolio of technology-related work. 
  • Opportunities to digitally publish work on social media and peer-reviewed undergraduate journal and a portfolio of work. 

Duration: Fall, 2020 – Spring, 2021

Deadline: March 31, 2020

For more information, contact:
Jacquelyne Howard, Ph.D. 
Manager of Technology Initiatives 
Newcomb College Institute

In the Fall of 2019, I will be a:
Email Address
Explain your interest in the Digital Research Internship program. How will this experience enhance your educational, career, or personal goals?
Describe your background and interests in computing and its applications?
What other activities, student groups, jobs, and internships do you have planned for the year? How will you ensure that this internship will be prioritized.
Have you participated in NCI events, programs, or student groups in the past?
List the names of two Tulane faculty or staff members that NCI can contact for references.
Provide a link to your updated LinkedIn page.
File Upload: If you did NOT provide a LinkedIn account, upload a resume here.
What does feminist leadership as it relates to technology mean to you? Why is promoting feminist leadership in the technology sector important to you?