2019 Newcomb HASTAC Scholar Application

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Information and Application

Are you interested in the digital humanities or researching a gender and technology issue? Do you have an idea for a digital app or tech-related research project? Newcomb College Institute will sponsor the application of a HASTAC Scholar for the opportunity to work on research relating to a gender-related technology issue or to work on a student-designed technology project. 

For more information about the HASTAC, visit the About the HASTAC Scholars Program, (https://www.hastac.org/initiatives/hastac-scholars/about-hastac-scholars-program)

Duration: Two Years

Eligibility: Sophomores and Juniors

Students should apply if there are interested in Digital Humanities, gender, and technology issues or have an idea for a digital app or technology-related research project that relates to women/gender and technology.


  • $300.00 grant to support your research. 
  • NCI's Manager of Technology Initiatives will sponsor your application for the program and mentor you during your two-year tenure. 
  • Opportunity to receive a letter of recommendation / professional reference from the Manager of Technology Initiatives.
  • Opportunities to digitally publish work on social media and non-peer reviewed journals.

What do HASTAC Scholars actually do?

  • Participate in the HASTAC annual University Worth Fighting For series—online or in person
  • Blog with HASTAC about your own work and research projects, questions, ideas
  • Report on activities at your local institution and department
  • Share insights from conferences and performances
  • Network both online and at local meet-ups or conferences

Newcomb College Institute’s Requirements:

  • Work on the project that you proposed throughout your tenure.
  • Share your HASTAC posts and projects with NCI to be shared on social media, the website, and the Technology and Gender Journal. 
  • Meet with your mentor no less than monthly.
  • Contribute two writing pieces, a poster with abstract and profile to be published in the Technology and Gender journal at the end of each year.
  • Participate in tabling at NCI technology events, if asked.
Email Address:
List the names of two Tulane faculty or staff members that NCI can contact for references.
Explain the significance of feminist leadership in technology and what feminist leadership means to you.
Upload your resume.

File Upload
Upload your one-page project proposal.

Your proposal does not have to be a robust plan. It is just a starting point meant to communicate your interests in the field of digital humanities, digital applications, or research related to issues in women/gender and technology.