2020: Fall - Newcomb Gender and STEM Grant Application

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The Gender and STEM Research grant program offers grants for undergraduates who want to conduct research on topics relating to gender and STEM. Students will work approximately 30 hours producing a STEM research project that will be published on the SophieLab website. 

Undergraduate researchers will work on creating materials relating to Women in STEM such as the Women in STEM Oral History project. 


  • Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors 


Students will receive: 

  • $300.00 grant to work on a research project for 30 hours over the course of the semester. 
  • Opportunity to receive a letter of recommendation / professional reference from Dr. Jacquelyne Howard, Administrative Assistant Professor of Technology and Women's History. 
  • Opportunities to digitally publish work on social media and non-peer reviewed journals.
  • Grantees are encouraged to apply to HASTAC Scholars Program in the Fall. Dr. Howard will sponsor your application if you are interested. 


The application closes on September 1, 2020 at 11:59 pm. 

What year will you be in Fall, 2020?
Major(s) and Minor(s)
Email Address:
List the names of two Tulane faculty or staff members that NCI can contact for references.
Explain the significance of gender equity in STEM and what gender equity means to you.
What resources do you think need to be made available to undergraduates help close the gender gap in STEM? 
Why are you interested in conducting research on a Gender and STEM-related topic? What topics particularly interest you? 
What experiences have you had in the past that may prepare you to be successful in completing a small research project, digital archiving projects, or oral history projects.