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The Stone Center’s professional travel policy is intended to encourage long-range planning so that we can more effectively budget and distribute support. There are only two formal competitions in the Stone Center for travel funds for the 2019-2020 fiscal year (July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2020), as follows:

  • [CLOSED] The first “summer travel” competition will be for funding to support professional travel scheduled to occur over the period of July 1, 2019 through Sep. 30, 2019. The application deadline for this summer travel competition is: March 31, 2019.
  • The second “academic year travel“ competition will be for funding to support professional travel from October 1, 2019, through June 30, 2020. The application deadline for this second competition is: September 15, 2019.

The Stone Center allocates 25% of the fiscal year budget supporting professional travel to the summer competition, and 75% of the budget is reserved for the second competition. Any unused funds from the allocated summer budget will roll over into the budget for the second competition. If funding proposals for the “summer travel“ competition exceed the allocated 25% of the budget, then any unfunded proposals from the “summer travel“ competition will be rolled over into the applicant pool for the subsequent second competition and may compete for funding post-facto. Applications for both competitions will be reviewed and decided upon by the Faculty Research Committee. If any funding remains after the second competition, these resources will be held in reserve for “special circumstance” applications submitted after the fall deadline and such applications will be considered by the Executive Director of the Center on a case-by-case basis for as long as any additional funding exists.

Please note also the following additional policies and procedures:

  • Faculty should seek all possible sources of support.
  • In order of priority, the Center supports: A. the presenting of invited or juried scholarly papers, B. chairing programs, and C. attending board or committee meetings at reunions of recognized professional associations. The Center does not support travel and per diems for search committee members, or for invitational or free-standing lectures at universities or similar organizations.
  • A complete application will include simply your completion of this application form.
  • Awards may cover only one of three categories of expense: (1) a maximum of two-day per diem at the rate for the city you visit (set by the federal government); (2) one-half of the lowest round trip airfare between New Orleans and your destination; OR (3) Conference Registration. You should indicate which you prefer. The “per diem” category does not cover conference registration expenses. You can find current per diem rates here for domestic rates and here for foreign rates. The Center Committee on Faculty Research will make awards according to the merits of the proposal, the availability of funds, and the record of faculty service to the Center.
  • Resources permitting, the Stone Center will fund no more than three travel requests per faculty over the course a one year period.
  • If a faculty member wishes to apply for multiple trips, he/she/they must complete a separate application for each individual request and must indicate an order of priority. If no order of priority is provided, lowest cost requests will be considered first and highest cost requests will be considered last.
  • Applications simply to attend a conference are not eligible for funding under this program.
  • If a faculty member is unable to make a proposed trip, the money may not be “banked” by the individual for subsequent travel; it reverts to the general fund.

With the implementation of CONCUR, faculty members receiving grants that require reimbursement must themselves (or via their departmental secretaries) complete the reimbursement request using the online CONCUR system. If the person completing the CONCUR reimbursement request is uncertain how to allocate expenses according to the approved funding category (2-day per diem, one-half airfare, registration), that person should contact the Stone Center for guidance before submitting the CONCUR report. Incorrectly-completed CONCUR reports will be returned for revision before approval, which will delay the reimbursement process. The following documents and receipts must be uploaded to a CONCUR reimbursement request:

  • If requesting ½ airfare cost: Plane ticket passenger receipt and boarding passes.
  • If requesting per diem: BOTH the plane ticket passenger receipt (or a copy of this receipt if another entity is covering airfare) AND a payment receipt from the hotel or lodging provider on which your name appears for at least 2 nights’ stay. For shared lodging in which the costs are divided among individuals, reimbursement covers only your portion of the lodging expense.
  • If requesting Conference Registration costs: A conference registration receipt showing payment and some other proof of conference attendance.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON PER DIEM AWARDS: Per diem rates are usually a combination of separate rates for lodging and meals/incidentals, with a fixed amount allocated for lodging and another for meals/incidentals. The lodging portion of per diem rates will only be reimbursed up to, but not exceeding, the actual costs of the lodging, or the per diem rate for lodging, whichever is lower. Please keep in mind that you will not be reimbursed the full per diem rate for lodging if the actual expense for your lodging is below the per diem rate for lodging. The per diem award is not a guaranteed fixed amount that can be used to cover expenses beyond two days. The allocation is restricted to eligible expenses for two days. For instance, if your two-day per diem award is for $400 ($200 per day), and your actual eligible per diem expenses are $100 per day, then you are only eligible to receive $200 of the $400 award, even if your travel extends over a 4 day period. You cannot apply the $200 difference to cover expenses for the 3rd and 4th days. Meals are reimbursable, alcoholic drinks are not. Please consult with us if you are driving, staying with a friend, or if there are any other special circumstances.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON 1/2 AIRFARE AWARDS: For budgetary reasons, a 1/2 airfare grant can never exceed the awarded amount, even if the price of the airfare increases when plane tickets are booked. However, if the cost of the airfare decreases when air travel is booked such that 1/2 of the actual total airfare cost is less than the amount originally awarded, then the grant will be reduced to the actual cost of 1/2 of the airfare. In other words, the 1/2 airfare award is NOT a fixed amount. It is dependent upon the actual cost of airfare. It is a maximum award amount that may actually decrease if the actual cost of airfare is less than the originally proposed cost.

Contact Information

Please note that if you would like to receive an email confirmation of your form submission, you must log into OrgSync using your Tulane University technology account log-in credentials before completing the form. You are able to submit the form without having to log in to the OrgSync platform (i.e. as an "anonymous" user), but you will not receive a confirmation email of your submission.
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Priority Ranking

If making multiple funding requests, please indicate the priority ranking of this particular request relative to your other request. If this is your only funding request, please select "Only Submission."
Your Role

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Role Details

* If presenting a paper, please indicate the title of the paper. * If chairing a session, please indicate the session title. * If you indicated "other" as your role, please explain.
Confirmed Acceptance at Above-Named Conference

Please upload any information compiled in one .pdf file that confirms your acceptance into this conference as a paper presenter. This could be a detailed email, a copy of an acceptance letter, and/or a listing in the conference program, etc. If you are waiting to hear from conference organizers about the status of your paper or panel proposal, please just upload any documentation of having submitted a proposal to the conference.
Funding Amount Requested

Please input the total amount of funding you are seeking. Please round up to the nearest dollar amount and do not use the dollar symbol ($) in your entry.
Confirmed Additional Funding

Please indicate the amount and source of any CONFIRMED additional funding received from other programs/departments/units in support of the proposed professional travel activity. Please provide itemized category breakdowns of the additional CONFIRMED funding received (i.e. Travel, Local Transportation, Hotel, Meals, Registration, etc.) Example: Provost, COR Grant, Airfare - $460 Newcomb Institute Grant, Registration - $125 (Home) Department Grant, 2 days hotel - $280 ($140/day) If there is no CONFIRMED additional funding, please enter "NONE."
Pending Additional Funding

Please indicate the amount and source of any PENDING requests from other programs/departments/units for additional funding in support of this particular professional travel activity. Please provide itemized category breakdowns of the additional PENDING requests for funding (i.e. Travel, Local Transportation, Hotel, Meals, Registration, etc.) Example: Provost, COR Grant, Airfare - $460 Newcomb Institute Grant, Registration - $125 (Home) Department Grant, 2 days hotel - $280 ($140/day) If there are no PENDING requests for additional funding, please enter "NONE."
Confirmation of Review of Notes on Per Diem and 1/2 Airfare Awards

Please carefully review the notes on PER DIEM and 1/2 AIRFARE awards in the professional travel grant program description before checking the box below.