2019 Information Technology Specialist Internship

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2019 Information Technology Specialist Intern 

Position Summary

The Information Technology team reports to the Manager of Technology Initiatives at Newcomb College Institute. In their role, they will be responsible for updating the website and org sync applications, asset management and storage, updating inventories in spreadsheets, data entry, internal IT customer service, and working other special digital projects.

Requirements and Remuneration

  • Currently enrolled and taking classes as a Tulane University sophomore, junior or senior.
  • Currently in good standing with the university.
  • Employ strong interpersonal and public relations skills.
  • Have the ability to work independently and with diverse groups of people.
  • Maintain a mature and professional in manner and appearance.
  • Possess a self-starting and self-motivating attitude.
  • Ability to work assigned shifts in the Newcomb Commons, Monday through Friday – 9:00 to 5:00. 
  • Have an interest in women's leadership within the technology industry or a gender-related technology issue. 
  • Proficiency with Excel and other MS Office productivity tools 
  • Ability to break down a problem clearly into the component issues and analyze each item to develop a comprehensive solution.
  • Ability to make and follow checklists. 
  • Willingness to troubleshoot solutions independently but also a willingness to seek help when needed.  
  • Willingness to learn and become highly proficient at mac and dell troubleshooting and set-up.


Student Learning Outcomes

Student will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to work successfully in a team.
  • Demonstrate applied competencies such as decision‐ making, time management, planning, program implementation and program management.
  • Exercise a variety of communication skills including formal and informal verbal communication and informal and professional writing.
  • Develop and practice effective professional communication skills
  • Gain expertise in information technology practices. 

Major Responsibilities and/or Deliverables:

Student will:  

  • Work on a digital research project related to gender or techno-feminism of choice and publish articles in Technology and Gender DH project. 
  • Create and maintain an information technology training manual for student workers.
  • Work on technology research projects, as assigned.
  • Work with NCI employees to identify computer problems and advise on a solution, as needed.  Maintain a checklist.
  • Log and keep records of user services queries. Seek help from Manager of Technology Initiatives when needed. 
  • Manage website changes in Drupal, Wordpress and org sync. 
  • Set up, triage, remove, and store technology equipment and hardware including computers and podiums.
  • Data entry and office administration related to technology. 
  • Maintain technology inventory lists and equipment.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Attend all required trainings for the start of each semester
  • Participate fully in bi-annual self and supervisor evaluations and evaluation meetings

Due: April 15, 2019

For more information, contact:
Jacquelyne Howard
Manager of Technology Initiatives 
Newcomb College Institute

In the Fall of 2019, I will be a:
Email Address
Phone Number:
Explain your interest in the Information Technology Internship program. How will this experience enhance your educational, career, or personal goals?
Describe your background and interests in computing and its applications?
What other activities, student groups, jobs, and internships do you have planned for the year? How will you ensure that this internship will be prioritized.
Have you participated in NCI events, programs, or student groups in the past?
List the names of two Tulane faculty or staff members that NCI can contact for references.
Provide a link to your updated LinkedIn page.
Explain the significance of feminist leadership in technology and what feminist leadership means to you.