2019 Shirley Gauff Award Application

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The Shirley Gauff Award is bestowed upon a first-year student from an under-represented group at Tulane University who has distinguished themselves through an outstanding academic record during their high school career and who exemplifies the ideals of the Newcomb College Institute through service to Tulane University and the Greater New Orleans community. Examples of under-represented groups include but are not limited to members of ethnic minority groups, LGBTQ students, differently-abled students, and members of religious minority groups. 

This one-time cash award can be used to enhance the recipient’s educational experience at Tulane. However, the recipient is required to submit a final one-page report to the Newcomb College Institute listing how the funds were spent and the impact of receiving the grant within one calendar year. 

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I hereby give the Newcomb College Institute permission to check my academic and disciplinary records and to forward any pertinent information, including my grade point average, to the Agnes Landor selection committee. By submitting this application, I understand that, should I receive this award, I am required to submit a one-page essay on how the award was used and the impact of receiving the grant within one calendar year of receiving it.
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Respond to the following items. Please keep your answers concise (not to exceed 250 words in length for each prompt). 1. As a member of an underrepresented group or groups, how have you engaged with campus life at Tulane? What are some of the challenges you have faced and how have you responded? Describe any moments of which you are particularly proud. 2. Describe the academic goals that you aim to achieve during your time at Tulane University. Feel free to describe scholarly activity, independent learning, or honors/awards/fellowships, if you wish. Would this award assist you in achieving those goals, and if so, how? 3. Describe your contributions to or participation on Tulane’s campus or in the greater New Orleans community. What service goals/interests do you have for the next year? 4. Optional: Give any additional information that may be helpful to the selection committee (other responsibilities, etc.)
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Please also include a copy of your resumé with your application.